Brandon Wilner ……… music

dj voices and i record a guest contribution to bandcloud's mix series and radio show on dublin digital radio, originally airing there on november 11. this one features slow and dark ebm-style techno, as well as a few goa trance records played at 33 rpm rather than 45. we call this style evil music.

i had the pleasure of contributing to noisey's mix series. in their words: "inspired by a few finds from new york's 'cheapo' record bins, brandon wilner turns in a colorful mix of breaks, bass, and all sorts of other stuff." thanks to colin joyce for his care with the mix and accompanying interview.

i was invited to contribute to the great and prolific c minus mix series. this one includes freaky midtempo jams: k-hole bombs, evil music, righteous music, unfashionable acid, etc. this mix was featured as resident advisor's mix of the day, and in their june's best music round-up.

the level party graciously hosted my fifth annual lovers rock mix, which features some of the wickedest romantic reggae music known to humanity.

i had the privilege of guesting on cashmere radio during a visit to berlin. it's a lovely independent radio station/cocktail bar in lichtenberg. i really recommend stopping by if you find yourself in that city.

i brought ten jazz piano records on my trip for this purpose. i focus on the 1970s, as this is the decade that immediately succeeds the founding of the association for the advancement of creative musicians (aacm).

i stopped by nts on a rainy sunday afternoon in london. this guest hour features slow and beautiful music — some special soundtrack-y things, idm, hip-hop, etc.

snippets from a mix commissioned by argot to launch their tape series, which highlights djs who don't produce music.

fortnightly show on the lot radio with dj voices.

the cultivated sound crew invited me to contribute to their show on newtown radio. i used the opportunity to play some rave-y and raw early-90s records.

i was invited by fatik to play the sunday sessions series at his shop second hand records.

fortnightly show on the lot radio with dj voices. this special all-durutti column/-vini reilly version of our radio show features our favorites from across his career. this show was recommended by if-only and tiny mix tapes.

fortnightly show on the lot radio with dj voices.

fortnightly show on the lot radio with dj voices.

a tribute to new york's music shelters, and the overlooked musics they protect. features only music found at new york record stores. for the marcel's music journal series. This mix was recommended, in a rather odd way, by tiny mix tapes.

a mix of night music made for good room's podcast series.

i organized and hosted the first collaboration between resident advisor and the lot radio, on which i played recent favorites and highlighted new york artists. this episode's featured label was basement floor records, and the duchess contributed a guest mix.

this lovers rock mix was commissioned by alexis georgopoulos for his cult cargo series on nts.

piano and organ music played outdoors in lebanon springs, ny on saturday, june 10th from 1pm to 3pm, as part of the shaker mountain weekender. this mix was featured in philip sherburne's column the 11 best dj mixes of june 2017.

a collection of early-90s garage house, mostly from new york, new jersey, and tokyo. this mix was featured in philip sherburne's column the 10 best dj mixes of march 2017.

my third annual lovers rock mix, which is also the 9th installment in the sisters mix series.

my second annual lovers rock mix.